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Nipro SafeTouch II

Nipro SafeTouch II

The only system with built-in safety advantages: a permanent locking feature eliminates the worry of accidental needlesticks; textured wings provide secure grip; system is low profile and is designed to meet all OSHA safety requirements.

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Nipro SafeTouch II
Below are highlights of proper use of the SafeTouch II Needle. For complete information please refer to the Instructions For Use printed on the outer product carton.

Nipro SafeTouch II Peel Here
Peel open the package from the position marked "PEEL HERE". Do not break open the package to remove product.
Nipro SafeTouch II needle design
Safety is built into the SafeTouch II needle design. After removal from package, check to ensure that wing protector is securely locked into the stopper.
Nipro SafeTouch II Needle Removal
At end of procedure, close clamp, apply pressure to site and hold down wing protector; release lock by pressing both sides of stopper, sliding stopper back until it becomes fixed with audible or tactile click.
Nipro SafeTouch II Sharps Container
Once wing protector is fully engaged dispose of protected SafeTouch II needle in an approved sharps container.
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Nipro SafeTouch II
Product Number Description Packaging  
FS+142530BC 14G X 1" BE-CL Single 500 / Case  
FS+152530BC 15G X 1" BE-CL Single 500 / Case  
FS+162530BC 16G X 1" BE-CL Single 500 / Case  
FS+172530BC 17G X 1" BE-CL Single 500 / Case  
FS+152530TP 15G X 1" BE-CL Twin-Pack 500 / Case (250 Sets)  
FS+162530TP 16G X 1" BE-CL Twin-Pack 500 / Case (250 Sets)