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JMS WingEater AV Fistula Needle

WingEater AV Fistula Safety Needle

The JMS WingEater provides needle stick protection for the health care setting. The WingEater safety needle allows your facility to comply with OSHA guidelines on needle stick prevention.

JMS Wingeater Fistula Needle Cannulation
Multiple retraction methods. Provides flexibility for various access locations and patient comfort
JMS WingEater Fistula Needle Flexible Wings
Soft and flexible easy grip wings for better control
JMS WingEater Fistula Needle Enclosed in Guard
Needle is fully enclosed within the guard. Needle can not protrude from sides of guard
JMS WingEater Safe Position
Clear markings to indicate proper safe position
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WingEater Instructions for Use
- Print Instructions (PDF)

JMS WingEater Instructions Step 1
Slide WingEater up until it just touches the wings
JMS WingEater Instructions Step 2
Place your hand flat on the site and WingEater with your last 3 fingers on the puncture site and your index finger behind the notch on the top of the WingEater
JMS WingEater Instructions Step 3
Gently pull the tubing until the needle is completely retracted into the WingEater, making sure the wings are below the safety line marked on the upper member of the WingEater

Patient Assisted Hemodialysis Procedure

JMS WingEater Instructions Patient Assisted
Grasp the WingEater with your thumb and index finger, placing your thumb in the indention marked with the JMS logo. Pull the tubing until the wings have been fully retracted into the WingEater


WingEater AV Fistula Safety Needle
Product Description Packaging  
820-1476-33 Single - WingEater 14G X 1" BE-CL 250 / Case  
820-5002-33 Single - WingEater 15G X 1" BE-CL 250 / Case  
820-5006-33 Single - WingEater 15G X 1 1/4" BE-CL 250 / Case  
820-6013-33 Single - WingEater 16G X 1" BE-CL 250 / Case  
820-7001-33 Single - WingEater 17G X 1" BE-CL 250 / Case  
820-2531-33 Twin Set - WingEater 15G X 1" BE-CL 200 Sets / Case (800 Needles)  
820-2632-33 Twin Set - WingEater 16G X 1" BE-CL 200 Sets / Case (800 Needles)