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Nipro BioHole Buttonhole Access Cannulation

Nipro BioHole Dull Needle

The BioHole dull anti-stick needle creates an excellent combination with the buttonhole cannulation technique.
• Prevents cutting of the established scar tissue tunnel
• Minimizes penetration force which may be associated with less venipuncture pain
• May decrease infiltration incidents
• May reduce bleeding time post-dialysis
• May extend the life of the AV fistula access
• Provided a useful alternative for home hemodialysis and self-cannulation patients.

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KDOQI recommendations for established buttonhole sites using a dull, anti-stick needle.2

• Cannulate site in same location using a sharp fistula needle for approximately 6-10 cannulations.
• The dull, anti-stick needle can be used once a scar tissue tunnel track is well developed.
• A quick transition to the dull, anti-stick needle will preserve the integrity of the mature, consistent site and prevent complications.

Nipro BioHole
Dull Anti-Stick Needle Bevel
Nipro BioHole Needleeeeee Parts
The BioHole Needle is used for Home Hemo and Self-Cannulation Patients
Nipro BioHole Needle dispose of in a sharps container
Once the BioHole is fully removed from patient, immediately dispose into approved sharps container
2. KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines and Recommendations and 2006 Updates, Vascular Access; 2006; National Kidney Foundation, New York, NY; pgs. 70-72 and 268-70 respectively
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Nipro BioHole - Buttonhole Access Cannulation
Button Hole Description Packaging  
FD+142530BC 14G X 1" BE-CL 500 / Case  
FD+152530BC 15G X 1" BE-CL 500 / Case  
FD+162530BC 16G X 1" BE-CL 500 / Case  
FD+172530BC 17G X 1" BE-CL 500 / Case